Health Science is the study of the human body with specific focus on how the body functions in relation to health and exercise.

Physiology is the  study  of physiological and chemical mechanism that  are  responsible for the origin, development and progression of life. It studies the functions and mechanisms of action of the body on the following levels :

  • 1- Chemical/ molecular level
  • 2-Cellular level
  • 3-Tissue level
  • 4-Organ level
  • 5-Systemic level
  • 6-Organism level

Each group of living systems has from simplest virus to the largest tree or complicated human being has its own functional characteristics therefor, the vast field of physiology can be divided into Viral physiology,  Bacterial physiology, Cellular physiology ,Plant Physiology , Animal Physiology, Human physiology…etc.

Human Medical Physiology

Human physiology  attempts to explain the specific characteristic and mechanisms that work to keep  the human body alive and functioning through scientific enquiry in to the nature of mechanical,physical and biochemical functions of humans, their organs, and the cells of which they are composed.  Human Physiology for students of Medicine and health sciences  is extended beyond the simple study of functions to some clinical applications that enable the students to understand physiology better , and to be prepared to study the disease , which is a shifting from the normal physiology of the human organism .

By study  medical physiology we  know ,How our body  is functioning in normal healthy status.   Such understanding is an essential to understand  Medicine  . Functioning mechanism in a live organism  means biochemical mechanisms mostly , in addition to bio-mechanical , bio-electrical , and others bio-mechanisms.

Claude Bernard and his pupils

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Sex chromosome abnormalities are gender specific. Female abnormalities are due to variation in number of X chromosome .Male abnormalities are due to either the X or the Y chromosome or both.


Contraceptive measures are methods used to prevent conception (pregnancy).They include all temporary and permanent measures to prevent pregnancy   resulting from coitus (sexual intercourse)


Polyhydramnios is a medical condition in which an excess of amniotic fluid is present in the amniotic sac. It is seen in about 1% of pregnancies. It is typically diagnosed when amniotic fluid index (AFI) is greater than 24 cm.

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